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Pfizer Parke Davis

New division to address supply of affordable medicines

‘Pfizer Parke Davis’ is created to reach out to patients in need of affordable medicines, which are safe, efficacious and adhering to the highest quality standards of manufacturing. This launch marks the beginning of a new era for Pfizer in Pakistan, poised to achieve leadership in more therapeutic areas with the launch of this division. 

Where the company is proud to have a heritage of bringing innovative and breakthrough treatments in the country for over 50 years, Pfizer Parke Davis is created to more closely address the healthcare needs of the common Pakistani patient, “With a growing population and current healthcare milieu – the launch of this division is a key effort to alleviate some of the burden of the patients who pay out-of-pocket for their treatments,” says Pfizer Pakistan Country Manager, Iqbal Bengali. 

Pfizer has a 150-year long history of investing into research and development, saving millions of lives and reducing the burden of disease globally. Where we continue with our key commitments to drive new projects and to come up with advance treatments for the most feared diseases of our times, we are also investing our resources in providing affordable but high quality solutions and this division is a major step in that direction. 

Pfizer Parke Davis caters to a wide range of economic groups whilst providing the seal of global quality that is a hallmark of the Pfizer brand. Pfizer’s goal is to improve healthcare in the communities where we are present. Pfizer Parke Davis is a portfolio carefully constructed to increase the availability of high-quality medicines and give healthcare professionals and their patients the peace of mind they deserve. 

In the year 2011, Pfizer Pakistan will launch 10 brands in various therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular, respiratory, anti-infective, gastro-intestinal and more.