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Pfizer Raises Concerns Regarding Use of Counterfeit Medicines by Flood Victims (Aug 19 2010)

Karachi – Pfizer raised serious concerns regarding the consumption of fake medicine in Pakistan, especially in the aftermath of major national catastrophes like the recent floods. A representative of Pfizer’s Asia-Pacific Global Security operations visited Pakistan this week and explained how his team works with local authorities by providing them with leads on counterfeit manufacturers.

“The manufacturing of counterfeit medicine is one of the worst crimes against humanity as it is a great threat to the patient’s health and trust. We are in Pakistan to raise awareness of this issue especially during the relief efforts,” said Scott Davis, Senior Director for Pfizer’s Global Security Asia-Pacific operations. “If a patient suspects that the medicine they have bought is a counterfeit they should call Medical department in our Karachi headquarters (9221-322-00-121).”

Pakistan has been identified by the World Health Organization as a major contributor to the production of counterfeit medicines in the world. There have been raids carried out at such facilities in Pakistan as well where various counterfeit medicines – including Viagra, which is the most counterfeited medicine in the world – have been seized. Pfizer Pakistan, through its parent company is donating 60,000 US Dollars to the UNICEF for relief work in affected areas and hopes to contribute further through employees and company funds.