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Pfizer publication selected for ‘The Book as Art’ exhibit (Mar 7 2011)

Karachi, March 7, 2011: ‘A world without smoking: One picture is worth a thousand words’ – a recently launched publication written by noted author on art in Pakistan, Marjorie Husain – is selected to be a part of the exhibition, ‘The Book as Art’ organized by the Indus Valley School and Gallery.

The selection of the book is done for its novel appeal in creating public awareness against smoking and tobacco abuse whilst combining aspects of art and power of the written word. ‘Art is a very powerful vehicle in addressing social issues and bringing winds of change,’ says Marjorie Husain. ‘It is a book that carries the work of young art students from schools, conveying strong messages through their beautiful creations.’

The book will join racks with Marjorie Husain’s many other books on art profiling works of some great Pakistani artists and the first ever regulated textbook on art, ‘Aspects of Art’ by OUP – all of which are included in this exhibition. “This is a momentous occasion for Pfizer Pakistan as it would be for any other company. We highly value this selection, commend the support of Marjorie and other artists who helped in this project and commit to furthering our projects in general public awareness and disease prevention,” says Iqbal Bengali, Country Manager for Pfizer Pakistan.

This publication launched to the public at Indus Valley Gallery just days before ‘The Book as Art’ exhibition opened and encapsulates work of around 57 students who were selected from an anti-smoking poster competition on the theme of ‘A world without smoking’ in 2010.

‘A world without smoking’ is an international campaign originating from The International Union against Cancer (UICC). Pfizer Pakistan took the initiative in 2009 to spread awareness regarding the adverse effects of smoking by designing projects targeting tobacco control and anti-smoking. A part of this campaign was to raise awareness amongst school going students and teenagers. Pfizer aims to distribute this book amongst schools, art institutes, hospitals and other corporate sector outlets.