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Pfizer Holds Cardiovascular Summit, 2009 (Jul 21 2009)

Karachi: Pfizer Pakistan, in continuation with its commitment to impart education and create awareness amongst the healthcare professionals, held the ‘Cardiovascular Summit 2009’ here in Karachi. The event was chaired by Professor Abdus Samad, Director Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases and had notable speakers on cardiovascular diseases.

The theme of this special symposium was, ‘Healthy Heart for a Healthy Nation’ and the purpose was to share the recent developments in heart diseases impacted by hypertension, smoking and high cholesterol. The highlight of the event, however, was Pakistan’s first National Smoking Cessation Guidelines revealed in a presentation by Dr. Javaid Ahmed Khan, Professor of Chest Medicine at the Agha Khan University Hospital. Talking about the salient features of these guidelines, the eminent pulmonologist said that they provide important information on counseling and treating nicotine dependence of smokers in order to help them quit smoking.

Endorsed by the Ministry of Health and various medical societies, the guidelines will soon be printed in the shape of a manual and will be ready for distribution to physicians across the country. Smoking is the cause of 5 million fatalities worldwide and over 100,000 deaths in Pakistan every year.

Speaking at the event, Dr Imran Ahmad, Associate Professor Cardiology at Dr. Ziauddin University Hospital in Karachi, informed the healthcare professionals about the increase in deaths by cardiovascular diseases like Ischemic heart disease and strokes, which jointly account for around 16.6 million deaths. In his speech, he referred to The World Health Report, which states that blood pressure levels higher than optimal account for the largest percentage of mortality worldwide followed by tobacco use while high cholesterol level is the fifth largest contributor to mortality worldwide.

The evening came to a close with Professor Abdus Samad commending the efforts of Pfizer in holding such academic activities as the ‘Cardiovascular Summit 2009’ which play an important role in the constant learning of doctors in specialized medical fields.