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Need for Pneumonia Vaccination in Adults Stressed at the Pakistan Chest Society Meeting (Feb 25 2012)

Karachi, February 25, 2012: The 10th Biennial Conference of Pakistan Chest Society (Chestcon 2012) was held at a local hotel in Karachi where pneumonia and its complications were declared to be the number one cause of vaccine preventable deaths globally. Pneumonia is considered to be a major public health issue in the world and the problem is even more complicated in developing countries like Pakistan.

"Sadly Pneumonia is still a companion of old man in our country, a disease for which treatment is often costly and needlessly uncomfortable", said Professor Nadim Rizvi at the 10th Biennial Conference of Pakistan Chest Society (PCS) titled Chestcon. Professor Rizvi who is the Chairman of the society was speaking to the media at this event held in Karachi.

He highlighted the fact that vaccines are only considered essential in children – which is fast turning into a common misconception as adult vaccination becomes stronger and more effective. "As experts in the field of pulmonology or chest medicine, it is our job to educate patients of available means of prevention against deadly chest diseases like pneumonia – of which Pakistan bears a significant burden," said Prof Rizvi who under the aegis of PCS has worked on a number of guidelines on treatment of deadly chest diseases like Asthma, Tuberculosis and Pneumonia. People who are less than 5 years or greater than 50 years of age are at increased risk of catching pneumonia.

After speaking to the media, Prof Rizvi vaccinated renowned celebrity and social activist Sajid Hassan who volunteered himself for pneumococcal vaccination as a gesture of support to this concept of adult immunization. Prof. Nadim Rizvi administered the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine during the Chestcon that offers long term protection.

When asked why he was getting vaccinated, Sajid Hassan stated, "As a public figure, I think it’s our responsibility to increase awareness regarding prevention of deadly diseases in adults. It is a fact that older people are an easy victim of pneumonia often resulting in death, I had myself vaccinated because I want to save myself from 13 most common strains of pneumonia."