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Trading Workplaces

Trading Workplaces is an innovative Pfizer secondment scheme. It offers Pfizer colleagues and our customers the opportunity to experience the different cultures and working practices of each other’s organisations.

You do not have to directly swap roles with someone to embark on a Trading Workplaces secondment. Instead, the scheme fosters a relationship of mutual benefit and provides a unique opportunity for our customers to work on defined Pfizer projects and Pfizer colleagues to work on defined customer projects.

There will be clear, achievable objectives, measurable outcomes, and benefits for the partaker and for both organisations. Our customers will further develop commercial business skills and exercise fresh thinking in a new environment. Our Pfizer colleagues will gain a deeper level of insight into the needs, decision-making processes and working practices of our customers within their organisation.

Who is eligible to apply for the scheme?

The criteria for applicants to take part in the scheme include the following.


  • Open to all Pfizer's customers, across all four home nations, including employees from the NHS (either Director level or one level below), patient groups or charities, the Department of Health, and other healthcare stakeholder bodies
  • Customers needing to build business and commercial skills in their organisational setting
  • Customers with the relevant skill set to match an available Pfizer project submitted to the scheme

Pfizer Colleagues

  • Open to all colleagues where it fits their personal development plan
  • High performers within Pfizer's performance management scheme
  • Colleagues with the relevant skill set to match an available customer project submitted to the scheme