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The role of the pharmacist is changing. The traditional role of dispensing medicines exists alongside advanced or enhanced services such as patient consultation through Medicines Use Reviews (MURs). There is increased emphasis on frontline patient services in pharmacy, using pharmacy accessibility in the community and pharmacists’ knowledge and expertise. Pharmacists have told us that they believe we play a valuable role in our dealings with them. They are interested in hearing about the services we can offer, both to support them in meeting the requirements of the pharmacy contractual framework and in providing improved patient outcomes.  We offer this support to pharmacists and their teams through the collaborative programme Pfizer Healthy Partnerships.

Pfizer Healthy Partnerships is an initiative that recognises and supports community pharmacists in the important role of delivering healthcare and new services to patients. This followed a wide-ranging review by Pfizer of the challenges and opportunities encountered by community pharmacists following the launch of the 2005 pharmacy contractual framework in England and Wales, and the modernisation of pharmacy services in the other devolved nations.

Our focus is on three core values:

  • Supporting professional development
  • Enhancing the patient experience
  • Delivering commercial value

Pfizer Healthy Partnerships provides:

  • Support packages to help pharmacists achieve specific objectives within the pharmacy contractual framework
  • Better information and resources about Pfizer medicines
  • Initiatives to help pharmacists achieve better outcomes for patients
  • Support to help pharmacists grow their business
    Click here to see some examples of our soft skills workshops for pharmacists and their teams. If requested, tailored workshops may be created to address specific customer needs.

For more information about Pfizer Healthy Partnerships please click here or e-mail us at

The Supply of Medicines to Pharmacy

Pfizer has led the market in changing its supply and distribution methods, to allow us to take full responsibility for our branded medicines from the point at which they leave our manufacturing centres until they are sold to our customers who dispense them.

As the major supplier of medicines to the NHS, we are very aware of, and increasingly concerned about, the complexity of the supply chain and the implications for our medicines. So Pfizer delivers its branded medicines directly to pharmacists, via one delivery partner.

This arrangement ensures that:

  • We’re able to manage supply and be more responsive to stock-shortage situations so that pharmacists, dispensing doctors and patients are better able to obtain Pfizer branded medicines
  • We’ve reduced the risk of counterfeit medicines by securing the distribution of the supply chain so that pharmacists, dispensing doctors and patients can be confident they will receive genuine Pfizer branded medicines from Pfizer
  • We’ve improved visibility over the supply chain, and are better able to trace and recall Pfizer branded medicines with complete confidence if and when required.

Click here for a Pfizer web site for pharmacy professionals that outlines how this system works.