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Pfizer Vascular Health Check Service

The Pfizer Vascular Health Check (VHC) Service is designed for commissioners and commissioning groups e.g. Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPCs) for use on an outreach basis in the community, particularly community pharmacies. Project management, secure connectivity to GPs and a menu of support options including marketing and training mean that a quality, effective and efficient service can be delivered with little upfront expenditure, to help achieve the targets for NHS Health Checks.

What is the VHC Service?

At Pfizer we believe that community pharmacies and other community locations have a crucial role to play in preventative healthcare working alongside GP practices.

We recognise that there are significant challenges in implementing an effective screening service such as NHS Health Checks in areas with ‘hard to reach’ patients.

As part of our ongoing drive to become a trusted partner to healthcare providers, we have developed a commissioned service which provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution to address these difficulties.

Our vision is to enable a service with the following benefits:

  • Patients receive a service which they view to be beneficial and in an appropriate location
  • Primary Care Organisations (PCOs) reach the people they are most concerned about; the 'hard to reach', who might not otherwise engage in healthcare services
  • GPs benefit from seeing patients who they would not have seen otherwise, being directed to them. This includes those patients who are likely to need a more serious medical intervention
  • Pharmacies benefit commercially from delivering a valuable healthcare service - as well as furthering the pharmacy cause of becoming an increasingly important part of the healthcare community
  • Pfizer benefits commercially from a commissioned service, which helps to address the difficulties inherent in implementing a high quality and cohesive offering that achieves all of the above

For information about the Pfizer Vascular Health Check service, which can be offered to pharmacy, please click here