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The Pfizer UK Foundation

Although people in the UK are living longer and healthier lives than ever before, there remain pockets of exception, where health outcomes are low and life expectancy is little better than the UK average of fifty years ago.

Pfizer is committed to helping people live healthier lives and secure healthier futures. The Pfizer UK Foundation is one way in which Pfizer is working to support better health outcomes in the UK above and beyond its medicines. One of the best ways to do this is to support grassroots community projects through the provision of financial and practical help.

Pfizer UK Foundation was established in 2005 to support healthcare organisations in the UK working at a local level to address health inequalities resulting from social, economic, cultural and demographic factors.

Since 2005 Pfizer has invested nearly £8m in a wide range of projects across the UK improving the health and wellbeing of an estimated 600,000 plus people.

In 2013 we will be making some changes to the Pfizer UK Foundation…

  • As Pfizer’s business changes, we have had to review the Pfizer UK Foundation so that we can continue to support better health in local communities in the UK, whilst ensuring that the support we provide reflects the current and future structure and size of our business.
  • Therefore, Wednesday 30th January 2013 will be the last day to apply for funding from the Foundation in its current format. Applications received on or before this date will be assessed according to the existing criteria and successful applications will receive funding according to the existing terms.
  • The new-look Foundation will build on the successes, knowledge and experiences of the current Pfizer UK Foundation, and will introduce new elements to ensure that Pfizer continues to support health improvements in local communities in the UK.
  • From May 2013, the Pfizer UK Foundation will be seeking to support healthcare partnerships (as opposed to individual organisations). Each year, one healthcare partnership from each of the four nations will receive funding. It is envisaged that these partnerships will comprise of organisations which are working together/or plan to work together to improve local health in their community. Examples of such organisations might be the NHS, Local Government, charities and social enterprises, schools and colleges and community organisations, whose combined effort brings together the expertise, knowledge and resource needed to improve the health and well-being of people living locally.
  • Where appropriate, projects will also have the opportunity to benefit from dedicated, ongoing support from Pfizer colleagues through our volunteering programmes.
  • Further details of the new-look Foundation and how to apply will be made available on this page in April 2013.

Please note that the deadline for this final round of funding is 5.30pm on Wednesday 30th January 2013. Organisations will not be able to submit applications after the deadline.

Click here to apply online

Criteria for applications made before 30th January 2013

We welcome applications from organisations that:

  • are based in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales or England
  • are charities, community-led organisations, local authorities, academic bodies or from the NHS

Are seeking to deliver a project for one year’s funding which:

  • clearly tackles a defined health inequality
  • targets a specific local area or marginalised community
  • can demonstrate a tangible impact on a defined group of people
  • require funding of between £3,000 and £50,000
  • cover a period of no longer than a year

Unfortunately we cannot support applications from organisations that:

  • are sectarian or political
  • are ex-service, fraternal, trade unions or professional societies
  • are seeking core/capital funding i.e. building, equipment or on-going staff costs (project staff costs are acceptable
  • represent personal appeals by, or on behalf of, an individual
  • represent research projects
  • are overseas or seeking to run a project overseas
  • are seeking contributions for projects undertaken by individuals going abroad
  • are fundraising campaigns


Please note all applications are assessed against the following set of key criteria. Only those applications that adequately meet the criteria will be considered for funding:

  • Clearly defines the health inequality
  • Identifies local social issues
  • Includes objectives which seek to deliver long-term behaviour change
  • Clearly identifies the target group and area
  • Details how intended beneficiaries will be recruited and retained
  • Provides evidence of collaboration with local healthcare (statutory/non-statutory) organisations
  • Shows how they plan to measure their impact on local health
  • Shows they have thought about the sustainability of the project beyond this funding

Details of the application process and criteria for partnerships applying to the new-look Pfizer UK Foundation will be available here in April 2013.

The Board

To ensure fairness and consistency, all applications are assessed against the same criteria. Applications meeting those criteria are then submitted to the Pfizer UK Foundation Board, which is made up of five external board members who are experts in the field of healthcare and/or social exclusion and chaired by a representative of Pfizer. The Board consist of:

Melanie Heaver (Chair)
Baroness May Blood
Professor Susan Deacon
Dr Rumeena Gujral
Lord Ted Rowlands
Mike Ponton
Katherine Murphy
Professor Carol Tannahill

The Board will meet for the final time in February to consider submissions, assess applications and make funding decisions.

Please call the Pfizer UK Foundation on 01737 330713 or email us at if you have any questions not answered here.

Data Protection Policy

Please take time to read below carefully before applying.

By emailing us you agree that any personal information provided to us will be held on a database within or outside the European Economic Area (EEA). The database will be controlled by Pfizer Ltd., Walton Oaks, Dorking Road, Walton-on-the-Hill, Tadworth, Surrey, KT20 7NS. As Pfizer is a global organisation, your information may be transferred within or outside the EEA (including the USA) where privacy laws may be less strict than in the UK. However, we will always employ appropriate technical security measures to protect any personal information and to ensure that it is not accessed by unauthorised persons. The information will be used to provide you/your group with material about grants available under the Pfizer UK Foundation programme.

Pfizer respects the confidentiality of personal information. Only Pfizer, organisations working with Pfizer in the administration of the above information, and Pfizer group companies will have access to your information. It will not be disclosed to other third parties such as outside mailing organisations.

You can request that your information on the Pfizer database is amended/deleted, or withdraw any of the consents that you have given at any time by writing to us at: Pfizer Ltd, Stakeholder Strategy, Walton Oaks, Dorking Road, Walton on the Hill, Tadworth, Surrey, KT20 7NS.

CA/SS/NON/0063 Date of preparation: December 2012