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Pfizer Medical Educational Services

Pfizer is committed to supporting Healthcare Professionals drive improvements in patient care.

Detailed on the left are a series of Medical and Educational Services designed by Pfizer in conjunction with clinicians who have successfully navigated the NHS environment. They may be helpful for Healthcare Professionals trying to overcome obstacles and improve patient care.

These services are available to qualifying Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations, on a first come first served basis, subject to available capacity. If you would like to receive these services please follow the guidance below.

Requesting Pfizer Medical Educational Services

If you or your Healthcare Organisation wishes to receive the services detailed in this section, please send a letter to the address below including the name of your organisation, your role, your preferred timing for delivery of the service, the specific service(s) you are requesting and the proposed number of Healthcare Professionals who wish to attend the service(s) you would like to receive.

Account Management Administrator (IPC 1-1)
Pfizer Ltd
Walton Oaks,
Dorking Road,
KT20 7NS

Appreciating the external environment

Through this service Healthcare Professionals will gain an understanding of their NHS environment, what changes are being implemented and what policies are driving those changes. The aim is that as a result Healthcare Professionals can engage more successfully with service changes.

Business Case Development and Implementation

Through this service Healthcare Professionals will receive guidance, resources and coaching for the development, submission and implementation of a business case for service change.

They will gain an understanding of the impact of NHS policy and practice on business case and formulary submissions. They will gain an appreciation of the negotiation processes required to gain business case approval and understand the common factors required for implementing business plans successfully.

Promoting Your Local NHS Service

Through this service Healthcare Professionals taking part will receive guidance, resources and coaching for the development of a campaign for the promotion of their local NHS service.

They will gain an appreciation of the steps involved in the development of the campaign and learn to use a series of techniques to develop the content of these steps. This service is intended to benefit the NHS through the recipients gaining the ability to develop a promotional campaign through a cost and time effective process, so optimising the resource allocated to this exercise.

The above services can be provided in a one to one meeting or given as an interactive presentation in a group setting by a Pfizer Account Manager. The Pfizer Account manager will also provide his or her knowledge and understanding of the Local Health Economy.

Diabetes Notes Review Service

Through this service Healthcare Professionals will assess the treatment of their diabetic patients with a diabetologist or diabetes clinical nurse specialist who will help encourage and support positive changes in the management of diabetic patients.

It is intended that Healthcare Professionals, and therefore the Healthcare Organisations for which they work, will benefit by optimising their ability, and that of others, to more effectively treat diabetic patients. They will also improve their understanding of those patients who may be suitable for referral and those who can be treated more locally through improved clinical practice. This will help to drive the improvement of the health of the local population, and/or the efficiency of the local healthcare economy.

The Diabetes Notes Review Service is delivered as a half day round table meeting led by a Senior Hospital Doctor or Clinical Nurse Specialist from the field of Diabetes. Individual patient cases are reviewed, treatment options considered, education on effective diabetes care is given and consensus reached by the Healthcare Professionals on the treatment pathway for patients now and in the future.