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Commercial Sites

Walton Oaks

The location in Walton Oaks in Surrey opened in 2002 and is the primary commercial site in the UK for Worldwide BioPharmaceuticals. The 320-acre site houses around 1,500 employees who work in various UK and regional commercial businesses, diversified businesses and many of the enabling supporting functions.

Vanwall Road

Vanwall Road is a commercial site located in Maidenhead, with around 260 colleagues. The majority of the site is home to Pfizer Nutrition and Consumer Healthcare, which are two of the UK’s diversified businesses.

Manufacturing Sites

Pfizer Manufacturing supplies quality products for a healthier world. An integrated internal and external supply network, Pfizer Global Supply (PGS), provides a competitive advantage for Pfizer by offering fast, flexible and innovative supply solutions valued by a diverse group of customers. PGS focuses on partnerships, anticipating customers’ needs in an ever-changing business environment, whilst assuring reliable product supply and developing solutions to maximise access and value.  In addition, PGS aims to develop, operate and continuously improve processes to ensure they are right the first time, effective and efficient, while protecting colleagues, the environment and the quality and safety of all products.


The Havant facility, near Portsmouth, employs 350 colleagues within the Pfizer Global Supply (PGS) division. The site specialises in the packaging and distribution of cold chain and parenteral products, and is recognised by its customers as a centre of excellence for temperature-sensitive solutions.

Research & Development

Pfizer Research at Cambridge, UK
Pfizer Neusentis Unit

Neusentis, part of Pfizer Limited, consolidates Pfizer’s Pain & Sensory Disorders and Regenerative Medicine Units into a new biotech unit in Cambridge, UK. Over the past few years, Pfizer has built world-leading expertise in the field of ion channels. Neusentis scientists focus this expertise on delivering new medicines across all forms of pain influenced by this mechanism. Additionally, they explore opportunities across sensory disorders in which there is a b mechanistic relationship to ion channels, such as auditory and visual disorders. With a number of potential medicines in the clinic, the unit’s colleagues are working hard to provide new therapies and treatment options for patients in pain.

In 2008 Pfizer took an industry-leading step with the creation of Regenerative Medicine. While there is still much to learn in this exciting field of science, we have come a very long way in three years. Through hard work, excellent science and b partnerships, the first ever patient in a Pfizer stem cell clinical study was dosed in 2011, in the MultiStem® study for ulcerative colitis. This study, and others from the Regenerative Medicine clinical portfolio, will continue to be taken forward by Neusentis.

Neusentis is more than the consolidation of research units. Its name, location and philosophy epitomise the future of research at Pfizer.  It represents a team of scientists with endless curiosity and scientific courage, working in partnership with academic scientists in Cambridge and around the globe to change the lives of patients suffering from pain, other diseases and disorders for which there are no therapies or cures.

Pharmaceutical Sciences, Devices Centre of Emphasis (DCoE)

Researchers and support staff work on the design and development of non-inhaled devices for easier administration of medicines and vaccines that cannot be taken orally, based at the Granta Park and Chesterfield Park Research Centres, Cambridge UK.