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Healthcare Professionals

We work closely with healthcare professionals to:

  • Ensure they have up-to-date information about our medicines
  • Ensure they understand what our medicines cost and the financial implications for their budgets
  • Help them place our medicines appropriately in a course of treatment
  • Understand their aims and constraints properly so we can offer services that better meet the health challenges they face
  • Improve our understanding of the commissioning and provider functions within the NHS

We are always looking for opportunities to develop partnerships with our customers, where the end result will benefit patients, the NHS and Pfizer.

This is a step forward from the more transactional way in which our industry has worked with healthcare professionals in the past, when relationships were characterised by sponsorship more than partnership. We believe that this partnership approach is much more likely to result in ways of working that genuinely add value to our customers and help them meet the challenges they face in providing healthcare.

In all our partnerships, transparency about the investments, benefits and potential risks for all parties is an essential principle..