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Business Units

Primary Care

Primary Care is Pfizer’s largest organisation, operating globally in markets including the U.S., Europe, Canada, Korea, Japan and Australasia. It plays a leading role in global health and wellness – positively affecting the lives of millions, as well as developing ever-more sophisticated medicines of the future.

Primary Care colleagues work together across functions including medicine, science, business, law, human resources, public affairs and communications. Colleagues’ diversity and commitment to advancing medicines and treatments are essential to success, as are important relationships with customers and our work to become true partners in patient care.

Primary Care has nine key brands which cover the following therapy areas - Pain, Cardiovascular Disease, Sexual Health, Smoking Cessation, Respiratory, Dementia, and Urology.

Specialty Care

Pfizer is the world’s largest Specialty Care company, offering a diverse portfolio of medicines and vaccines, possessing expertise and capabilities in a wide range of disease areas, and is committed to clinical exploration and medical support to further improve patients’ lives.

Specialty Care has a portfolio of market-leading medicines spanning several therapeutic areas and a rich pipeline of promising new products, including the creation of innovative vaccines to prevent serious diseases and improve public health.

We are a world leader in inflammation, haemophilia, vaccines, infectious diseases & biologics – key sources of innovation and growth in the industry. In total, Specialty Care has nine areas of focus: Vaccines, Ophthalmics, Surgical, Inflammation, Haemophilia, Endocrine, Pulmonary Vascular, Transplant and Infectious Diseases.

Specialty Care works closely with healthcare providers and patients/stakeholder groups:

  • Collaborating with communities of specialist healthcare providers, researchers, patients and advocacy groups to ensure the development of products that matter
  • Working with those managing patient care to reduce suffering, expand access, and improve lives
  • Enabling patients to receive the medicine they need and support them in using it by providing education, support services and training to give the best chance of treatment success
  • Improving patients’ quality of life and survival within a range of serious conditions via a focus on rare diseases – raising awareness, championing issues and supporting access to treatments

Find out about Specialty Care's work in Vaccines via a dedicated website

Established Products

Today’s patented medicines are tomorrow’s Established Products portfolio. Established Products was created in 2008 to provide its customers – both patients and payers – with affordable post-Loss of Exclusivity medicines, backed by Pfizer’s reputation for quality, safety and innovation. With an entrepreneurial mindset and fast, flexible approach, Established Products is interested in pursuing strong collaborations that help offer differentiation in the marketplace and bring value to both patients and clinicians.

With its broad Established Products portfolio of more than 80 branded and generic products in the UK, and capabilities in low-cost manufacturing, Pfizer supplies high-quality medicines at affordable prices.


Pfizer Oncology is committed to the discovery, investigation and development of innovative treatment options to improve the outlook for cancer patients worldwide.  As science in oncology continues to evolve, Pfizer is pursuing research centred around a personalised approach to cancer treatment and tailoring therapy based on the molecular and/or biologic make-up of the disease, to develop compounds that will extend lives for patients. Pfizer Oncology is also committed to partnerships with professional and patient organisations that deliver benefits to patients, including disease management tools, awareness of clinical trial options and access to new medicines.

Pfizer Oncology has a robust pipeline consisting of over 20 biologics and small molecules in development, including several first-in-class compounds. Over 200 clinical trials are currently being conducted, in some of the most prevalent and difficult-to-treat cancers, such as lung, prostate, colorectal, breast, liver and kidney cancer, in an effort to provide patients with better, more customised treatment options, with longer survival rates in various tumour types.

Consumer Healthcare

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare (PCH) is among the largest over-the-counter (OTC) healthcare products companies in the world.  It develops, manufactures and markets leading non-prescription medicines, vitamins and nutritional products.
The group consists of some of the best-known and most popular pharmacy brands, including Anadin, Centrum, Chapstick, ThermaCare, Robitussin and Preparation-H.
Globally, our work continually brings new and better solutions to market, that help consumers around the world support their health and enhance personal wellbeing.  PCH’s major categories consist of Pain Management, Respiratory and GI-Topicals.
The Consumer Healthcare Business and Animal Health make up the Pfizer Diversified Businesses, a complementary group that enables Pfizer to move beyond prescription drugs and provide a broader range of global healthcare solutions.

Animal Health

Pfizer Animal Health (PAH), a Business Unit of Pfizer, is dedicated to transforming the care of animals for a healthier world.

Pfizer Animal Health strives to provide full animal health solutions to veterinarians, livestock producers, and companion animal owners. We work to assure a safe, sustainable food supply from healthy beef and dairy cattle, swine, poultry and fish and to help dogs, cats and horses live healthier, longer lives.

Pfizer Animal Health is a world leader in the discovery, development and manufacture of innovative animal vaccines, medicines and veterinary diagnostic products. We invest more in research and development than any other animal health company and have an extensive research and development network with major research centres on four continents.

With world headquarters in Madison, New Jersey, Pfizer Animal Health has operations in more than 60 countries distinguished by strong market positions across four geographic regions including United States, Europe, Africa & Middle East, Canada & Latin America, and Asia-Pacific.

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