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How we do it

Research & Development


Pfizer Pakistan is a part of Pfizer Inc., the leading research-based pharmaceutical company in the world. Our unrelenting research allows us to make great strides in the health care industry on regular bases. As new diseases are discovered, scientists in Pfizer laboratories across the world are coming up with the latest and most advanced cures.

Our molecular exploration has allowed us to be the leading entity in cancer research. Pfizer is proud to be on the front line when it comes to developing cures in 10 different Therapeutic Areas, with breakthrough drugs being created around the clock.

Pfizer Inc. invests a sizable amount of money annually back into its research and development facilities. We are constantly working on providing new health care options, as well as improving the current ones. We believe in bringing you the best health care and quality of life, and our company is operated on this concrete faith.

For Pakistan market, Pfizer has significantly invested in conducting clinical trials, Investigator Initiated Research (IIR), Bio-Availability and Bio-Equivalence (BABE) studies to strengthen research footprint in challenging health areas in the country including neuropathic pain, tuberculosis, pneumonia and many others.


Vision and Mission Statements

Our vision, mission and values are more than mere words. They illustrate the purpose of our existence and define how we do our business. Our mission and vision are deeply rooted in all our business strategies!

Forming the cornerstone of our business and providing us with a clear roadmap to success, we, at Pfizer, never lose sight of our vision and mission and core commitments; together they define the company objective and the path for us to follow.



“Working together for a healthier World”



Our mission is to apply science and our global resources to improve health and well-being at every stage of life.