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Corporate Functions

Country Manager;Iqbal Bengali  

PGS (Pfizer Global Supplies) Country Lead & Site Leader; Iftikhar Jafri


Business Technology

BT department provides Information Technology services to our valued IT users, and provide innovative tools and systems to our users to enable them to manage their business processes.

Business Technology Lead; Jawed Rasheed


Finance department works as a business partner providing world-class financial management and advisory services to the business enabling them to achieve their mission and objectives.

Director Finance; Syed M. Wajeehuddin

Human Resources

HR department’s main focus is to provide Pfizer a talent edge to distinguish it from the competition. HR has two segments, which include Talent Acquisition, and Training & Development.

Director HR; Zeshan Taj Khan


The purpose of the Legal department is to help Pfizer retain as much strength in the market as possible by having active viable and vibrant product defense strategies, ensuring that the right kind of property rights are in place.

Acting Director Legal; Millette Asuncion


Marketing department paves the way for the successful launch of innovative Pfizer therapies into the market and their subsequent access to consumers. Its primary role is to identify and satisfy customer needs in the most effective manner.

Sr. Director Marketing; Syed Tilal Safdar
Marketing Manager - EP; Dr Faraz Arif